• Advances in Printing
    and Media Technology
    Print and Media Research for the Benefit of Industry and Society
    September 6th - 9th, 2015
    Helsinki, Finland
  • Welcome Reception
    Pörssitalo Börshuset

Welcome to the 42nd International Iarigai Conference

IARIGAI the premier annual conference covering all aspects of printing and media technology will open its doors for the 42nd time in Helsinki, Finland. This Helsinki conference is jointly arranged with COST Action FP1104, ”New possibilities for print media and packaging - combining print with digital”.

If you are in industry, you should come for the latest advances and understanding which will make your business more profitable. If you are an academic or industrial researcher, it is the opportunity to discuss your latest research and developments in friendly, well informed companies. Could your work be one of the nuggets in a veritable gold mine of information for the development of the print and media industry? If you are an early career researcher or student, then it is the chance to mix with peers and gain from their experience.

The 42nd Annual IARIGAI Conference on "Advances in Printing and Media Technology" will show how printing and media are moving forward in the 21st century. Printing has been defined as the art of rapidly and accurately placing "stuff on stuff". By habit and tradition, we think of printing as a technology for putting ink on paper in order to reproduce text and images. But, today, the technologies and methods for efficiently and on an industrial scale placing other substances on other substrates are increasingly capturing the attention of researchers and industry alike.

For this conference, special attention will be given to :

  • Printed functionality - innovative ways of using printing technology for totally new purposes
  • Printing processes and products - improvement of industrial processes and product development
  • 3D printing - synergies between digital and 3D printing as well as examples of novel applications
  • Media development and the consumer - satisfying consumer demands in a multimedia world
  • New business - new business concepts and effect of digitalization on business models